Band Folder

Below is the music that should be in your band folder. If you have any questions or are missing any music, contact the music librarian, Jen Monaghan.

Music in the folder: As of 1/10/2017

  1. American Folk Rhapsody
  2. American Visions
  3. Boston Commandery
  4. Chant and Jubilo
  5. Exultation
  6. Festival Prelude
  7. Flight of Valor
  8. The Homefront
  9. Irving Berlins Songs for America
  10. Seal Lullaby

Standards to always have in your folder

  1. Star Spangled Banner – Indoor Version
  2. Star Spangled Banner – Outdoor Version
  3. Armed Forces Salute
  4. Stars and Stripes Forever
  5. America, the Beautiful