Band Folder

YouTube playlist with Fall 2018 music

Below is the music that should be in your band folder. If you have any questions or are missing any music, contact the music librarian, Jen Monaghan.

Music in the folder for the Fall Concert (1118/18)

Apolo: Myth and Lengend
The Haunted Carousel
The Flying Dutchman Overture
Queen Mab
Rise of The Firebird
The Wizard of Oz

Standards to always have in your folder

Star Spangled Banner – Indoor Version
Star Spangled Banner – Outdoor Version
Armed Forces Salute
Stars and Stripes Forever
America, the Beautiful

**=Spring 2018 Concert

Music Collection

I will be coming around and gathering folders throughout rehearsals and pulling any music that we aren’t currently working on with the exception of our patriotic standards. Please remove any personal music that may be in your folders. If you know you aren’t going to be at rehearsal please make arrangements to get me your folder. Please don’t hesitate to email me with any question or concerns you may have at

Thank you,
MCCB Librarian