Bob Platt

This page gives us an opportunity to introduce one of our members “up close and personal”. Our featured player is Bob Platt, percussion.

BobPlattBob is a “local boy” having lived in Gwynedd, Souderton, and then Lansdale since 1978. He started playing percussion in 3rd grade with Raymond Cummings. Like so many players, he attributes his fondness for playing to his elementary director and his older brother Bernie.

Bob started playing his drum “kit” in junior high school and through his high school years. He played in the school music program and played in “garage bands” through his college days. He played “club dates” through the 80’s until about 1993.

Bob has played in pit orchestras for several shows including performances at Perkiomen Valley and Upper Dublin School Districts and with the Laymen Playmen. He has played with Quakertown Band and also plays in Paul Ferla’s Pennsylvania Swing Band and Paul’s German Brass Band. In the 80’s Bob played in the community band with Steve Frederick when it was a community education night school course at North Penn and has played with the MCCB since its inception in 1995. In short, like all fine percussion players, Bob is open to playing any type or style of music or any type of ensemble. BRING IT ON. “I enjoy playing with different groups because, as a drummer, you can’t play the melody yourself!!”

Bob worked for 8 years in the “infamous” Chuck Blackledge Quartermaster Crew who were an integral organ of the North Penn Marching Knights. He also does audio-visual work for his church. His son Jason is a percussionist and his granddaughter Ashley plays the trumpet at Pennfield Middle School. Bob is an original member of MCCB. He is our equipment manager and he works for the United States Postal Service in North Wales. One of Bob’s hobbies, since 1979, is membership in the Sons of the Desert, which is a Laurel and Hardy Fan Group.

Don Kline, personnel manager for the MCCB, writes this about Bob: “When I was teaching percussion students, I would always stress the importance (to use a cliché), of being ‘well rounded’. It is imperative to be able to read music notation like any other instrumentalist, but just as important to use the other side of your brain, the one that memorizes and improvises. Any musician, drummer or otherwise, needs to develop the skill to balance these two approaches to playing music.

“Bob Platt falls into this category. Bob has played percussion in the MCCB by himself many times. He knows how to make things work. He can play the concert band instruments and the drum set equally as well. He is a team player and is absolutely reliable. Being equipment manager, he also is involved in bringing in the percussion equipment and usually the music library, before and after MCCB events. He is an invaluable asset to the Montgomery County Concert Band.

“The picture you see was taken at the 2008 Lansdale Memorial Day Parade. Bob and some other adventurous souls performed patriotic songs on a flatbed. Ed Neiderhiser, one of MCCB trumpet players wrote some nice arrangements for small ensemble. If you were there, the big guy that kept falling off the side of the truck was me. Come to think of it, it was a lot like a Laurel and Hardy movie!!!”