Jill Voicheck

This page gives us an opportunity to introduce one of our members “up close and personal”. Our featured player this month is Jill Voicheck, oboe.

voicheckJill lived in Midlothian, Virginia, just outside of Richmond. She now resides in Hatfield, PA with her husband Mike who, is a native of the North Penn Area. She started playing the oboe in the sixth grade middle school band class.

“Oddly enough, there was only one flute player and three oboe players in that band, so in seventh grade, I picked up my sister’s old flute and learned how to play it. I doubled flute and oboe throughout middle and high school. I was very active in the musical curriculum at my school and church, and I think that really fostered my appreciation for music throughout grade school.”

After high school, Jill attended Virginia Tech and received a bachelor’s degree in Architecture.

“The first thing I did when I got to college was not to step foot in a classroom, but was to join the school’s marching band. I was a member of the Marching Virginians for five years; I played piccolo my first year, and then I saw all the boys in the drum line (including my future husband) and traded the piccolo in for a pair of cymbals. It was a great stress relief to bang together two sheets of metal every evening after a long day of classes, and I am proud to say that I never missed a home football game! Go Hokies!”

Throughout her college career, Jill played the oboe in the Symphonic Band and the Wind Ensemble. She even picked up the alto saxophone to play in the Pep Band.

“I really enjoyed playing in musical ensembles at the collegiate level and playing more orchestral pieces than a traditional band would play … being an oboe player, I can only handle so many Sousa marches.

“Performing in musical ensembles in college really gave me a great sense of pride and spirit for my school and its community. I made a lot of friends, played a variety of music, and even got paid to travel to a few bowl games. (Not everyone can say they’ve danced the Hokie Pokie on the field of the Superdome!) I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything, and now, I am eternally grateful to those who see, and continue to see the value of music in our communities. I have not lived in this area long, but I knew that joining the band would provide me with an opportunity to get to better know and become a part of this community.

“This is my second year playing with MCCB. When I first moved to the area, I joined the Montgomery County Choral Society of which both my in-laws are members. I sang with them for a year, but every time we would sing with groups like the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra, I would really miss playing a musical instrument and being part of an instrumental ensemble. So I was very happy getting the opportunity to be a part of MCCB.

“I really enjoy being a part of MCCB. I think my favorite part of being in the band is performing in the summertime community concerts and seeing great response we receive from our audiences, including my family and friends.

“Currently, I work as an architect in the design and production of homes for a residential builder. When I have free time, I enjoy watching funny movies with my husband and sewing quilts and stuffed animals for my nephews.”