Michael Langston

This page gives us an opportunity to introduce one of our members “up close and personal”. Our featured player is Michael Langston, Flute.

Michael LangstonOriginally from Paducah, Kentucky, Michael Langston moved to the Eagleville/Audubon area in the fall of 2012 from Louisville, Ky.

Michael first realized that he wanted to play music in 5th grade. The Middle School band came around to all of the Elementary Schools in Paducah, played a short concert, introduced all of the instruments of the band, and explained what it was to be in a band. It was then that he thought he’d love to play flute.

After a few years of playing, the middle school band director, who is still a valuable mentor to this day, took two flute players and switched them to oboe. After hearing them play, Michael wanted to play oboe too.  He taught myself to play and did well enough that when it came time to audition for the All-District Band, he auditioned on both flute and oboe and made both sections!

Michael feels he is one of the lucky ones; music and the flute came naturally and  really didn’t offer any challenges. He was also incredibly lucky to have a private teacher who had an impeccable pedigree by studying with Robert Cavally, who studied with Marcel Moyse. Because flute came so easily to, he looked for some sort of challenge and took up oboe. The oboe also came naturally to Michael and had as much success when auditioning for the All-District bands.

Michael was chosen to study at the Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts in Louisville, which exposed him to the other excellent musicians on his level from other parts of the state, and is also where he fell in love with playing in an orchestra. In High School, he also taught himself clarinet, french horn, and viola; all of which he still plays proficiently today.

Michael attended college at the University of Louisville (U of L) School of Music, because at that time, if you were an aspiring flutist, you wanted to study with Frank Fugue (from the Curtis Institute) who was the primary flute instructor. Michael majored in Woodwind Education.

After graduating U of L, Michael taught for two years at a high school in Louisville. He decided that teaching high school probably wasn’t where his talents were used best, and left high school, and became a private teacher. At this time, he also started playing with the Paducah Symphony, Owensboro Symphony, and Lexington Philharmonic.  Michael has also played with the Louisville Symphony, Nashville, and St. Louis.

For a few years, almost burned out on music, Michael stopped everything and took a different career path. He went into the construction business, and was employed by a window manufacturer as their territory manager for the Southeast U.S. While he enjoyed the job, the interaction with different business owners, and the travel, he missed music and the fun of sitting in the middle of an orchestra.  So he began adjudicating marching band competitions, concert band competitions, and teaching summer band camps.  In Kentucky, every single high school in the state will do a summer band camp to get the kids ready for the coming marching season. Michael started to make a nice living travelling the state working the band camps.

While doing the camps, he felt it was time to further advance his education, so Michael went back to U of L to get a masters and did some post-masters work. Once that was completed he stayed with U of L and became a flute instructor for the non-music majors who still wanted to play.

Throughout all of this, Michael has played countless theater productions, Easter and Christmas church productions, recitals, and all of the small playing opportunities that we all are lucky enough to play.

Moving to Pennsylvania, Michael is lucky enough to find himself in a position to be able to not work and play as much as I like. Michael is looking forward to playing more in this area as well as teaching privately.