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Submitted by:
Donna Kriner
Dock Woods Community
Comments: I want to thank you all for playing at Dock Woods, recently. More residents attend your concert than any other function. I hope we can get a busload together for the fall concert. I would like to make a request. My husband and I love Marimba music. (We fell in love with the music while visiting Mexico.) I know you have an extra good Marimba player, Paul Smith. Any possibility he could be featured at a concert? It would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted by:
Alan Hill
Blue Bell, Pa. Normandy Farms Estates
Comments: Since I first saw the band the other week at Normandy Farms I am now hooked and look forward to attending the next concert in Souderton. One question, is the band on any CDs that can be purchased? Thanks in advance. Really good work. Was hunting hard for a large band like I used to dance to in my High School years and out of the blue you came!
MCCB response: Thanks Alan! CDs can be purchased at our public concerts, including our Fall Concert at Souderton High School in November. In the mean time, check out our YouTube channel.

Submitted by:
Jane Rossi
Hatfield Twp.
Comments: My husband and I would like to thank the Montgomery County, Merion and Quakertown Bands for the wonderful concert yesterday. We hope that it is something that you will continue. Thanks again.

Submitted by:
Theresa Carreon
Lansdale, Pa
Comments: My younger sister, Mrs. Maria Souder plays clarinet in your band. I’ll always remember her solo in Rhapsody in Blue. She played it in a smoky honky bluesy way–the way Gershwin first recorded it! I loved hearing it and got two recordings of it! The piano player was good too.

Submitted by:
Janice & Allan Hartshorn
Limerick, PA
Comments: Just attended your Spring Concert at Souderton High. It was WONDERFUL!!!! What talent! We have attended all of your concerts where possible so far and have Cal and Carolyn Frederick to thank for such an enjoyable time each a every time. You folks give us such a boast in life with the music. Keep up the good work!

Submitted by:
Howard Freeman
Dublin, Ireland
Comments: Love the trumpet solo on “American Jazz Suite”. Congratulations to the player.

Submitted by:
Jim Thacker
Elkins Park, PA
Comments: I drove from Elkins Park to Souderton for the concert and thought the band sounded terrific! I played baritone with Jan [Jochems] and Bill [Leslie] a few summers ago and think that Steve [Frederick] may be best director in my many years of band and choral singing and playing!

Submitted by:
Dennis Linberger
Telford, PA
Comments: We had the opportunity to see the band for the first time last night at Indian Crest. I throughly enjoyed the evening. From the music selections to the soloists all were terrific. It brought back so many great memories when you first came to North Penn and I had the opportunity to play those tunes. I will be at more Monto Band concerts. It was awesome.

Submitted by:
Ronald Bork
McMinnville, Oregon
Comments: I like your website. I have heard the Montgomery County Concert Band during 2001 to 2004 when I lived in Yardley, PA. Very good blend. I was a member of the TriCounty Band in Feasterville and also formed the TriCounty Saxophone Ensemble in which one of your present flute players (Alissa Mancer) was an Alto Sax player in my ensemble. Visit my current band’s web site at

Submitted by:
Pearl L. Fulmer
Souderton, PA
Comments: Enjoy your concerts very much and love the variety of music you choose. You have a terrific band – keep up the good work! Thanks for the e-mails and schedules.

Submitted by:
Robert McAnally
North Wales, PA
Comments: Please add an address to your concert schedule.
MCCB Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We will add addresses to all the public concerts listed on our schedule.

Submitted by:
Ben Digennaro
Willow Grove, PA
Comments: Without question the Montco Band is the best sounding musical group around. I heard them all. At age 82, I know!!!

Submitted by:
Charlene Loftis
Newport, NY
Comments: As always it is amazing to follow your progress through friends that are in MCCB. As a former member, (ten years ago, can you believe it?)I am reminded of how the schedule can be hecktic and wonderful none the less. I’m in a small summer band here in my community, but we are done now for the season. This is where I miss the continued practices and indoor concerts. Keep up the good work! Maybe one of these days I’ll break away for visit.
By the way, love the new look of the matching polo shirts for summer.

Submitted by:
Sam E. Hamlett
P.W. County Manassas Virginia
Comments: Your band has a full, balanced sound. Keep up the great work.

Submitted by:
George Morneau
Comments: Thoroughly enjoyed your concert at the picnic celebrating the 275th anniversary of our church. Thank you for adding to our day.

Submitted by:
Jeannie Perry
From the top of Wisconsin
Comments: My friend from high school (in the 1960’s) plays in your band and sends me programs, etc. i have played in about 8 community concert bands in my life, and currently play in one in our tiny town which has about 11 members! wish i could come and hear you, or play with you, but it’s a little far! i was very impressed by a program i saw wherein you mentioned what each player does in “real life” — i wish all concert bands would do that; it’s very interesting to see the “regular” careers of all the members. keep on keeping music alive!
…an alto saxophone player from port wing, wis.