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November 21, 2014, 4:30 pm


Fall Concert on Sunday, November 23 at Souderton High School. Concert starts at 3 pm. Rehearsal starts at 1:30 pm.

NOTES FOR SUNDAY: Bob and Chuck will be at Souderton at 12:45 on Sunday to set up. We would greatly appreciate any help that can get there at that time. Does anyone have a friend or relative who could sell CD’s before and after the concert?

All music and folders will be collected after the concert by Jennifer. She will also have the new music for the February concert for you on Sunday.

You can download the latest Information Bulletin dated Nov. 19 here.

December rehearsal and concert attendance: The rehearsal on Dec. 2 and concert on Dec. 18 have been added to the attendance sheets. Please indicate on the performance attendance  page whether you can perform in the concert, and if you can’t make the Dec. 7 rehearsal, please indicate that on the rehearsal attendance page.